Photoshop is the industry-leading software for digital creatives. It is used for photo editing and manipulation as well as illustrations and digital paintings.

Our coaches will teach your child how to use the software effectively so they can express themselves in digital artwork. For example, by editing photos, your child will learn how they can be enhanced in terms of color and composition. By creating a photo manipulation, your child will learn a wealth of techniques such as cropping, blending, and matte painting.

Photoshop skills are vital not just in art but in a range of fields–think of movies and computer games where visuals are created digitally; the advertising industry; webdesign; or even when creating a cover letter and resume that stand out from the crowd.

Finally, by knowing the power of Photoshop, your child will soon be able to tell which images on the Internet and in advertisements are photoshopped (=not real), which will protect their minds from being manipulated themselves.