Stories are as old as humanity itself, serving as a tool to entertain, teach, and form a bond between the storyteller and the listeners.

Our coaches will continue this path by bringing age-appropriate stories to life, switching on the movie projector in your child’s head, and fostering your child’s imagination and curiosity.

While the primary focus is to entertain, the coaches will also help your child develop empathy by exploring the characters and their behavior. They will help your child understand morals and teach them valuable and age-appropriate life lessons based on the events that they have read.

Naturally, by exposing your child to the world of written books, they will develop their language skills, as they learn new vocabulary and talk about what they have read or listened to. Talking about alternative endings or how characters could have done things differently will also foster a range of higher-order thinking skills, including reasoning and creativity.

The ultimate goal is to instill in your child a love of reading, which will benefit them for the rest of their life.