Yoga is a combination of physical exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation. It is suitable for people of all ages, even very young toddlers, because it’s routines and exercises can easily be adapted to individual needs and abilities. It is great fun to do the exercises together as a family and strengthen the bond between you and your child!

One of the primary objectives is to develop your child’s motor skills and physical flexibility.
Moreover, because of its focus on mindfulness and reflection, yoga has been proven to reduce stress, which in turn benefits your cardiovascular system and cognitive functions. It can relieve anxiety, sleeping problems, depression, chronic pain, and it can even help if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Our yoga coaches will not just focus on a wide range of physical exercises but also teach your child to lead a healthier lifestyle, including diet, mindfulness, self-acceptance, and confidence. Strategies to reduce anxiety, such as breathing exercises, will prepare your child for coping with stressful situations that they may encounter later in life either at school or work.